Diseases that co-exists " fibromyalgia

was wondering how many if any have fibromyalgia. My mam has had fibromyalgia since she was 23 years old. She suffers with pain and sweats. She also has diabetes.
That is something I don’t have. Mam seems to suffer more with cold hands than hot.
Is the figures high in people with EM also have fibromyalgia.

Hi, I’m Tricia and new to this site. I’m sorry to hear your ma has suffered for years with fibromyalgia, it really is a horrible condition to cope with. I have Erythromelalgia and Fibromyalgia. They were diagnosed together last year by Rhumertology at Guys hospital. They have never seen anyone with Erythromelalgia in the Rhumertology clinic before and have referred me to a dermatology consultant who specialises in rare diseases in the hope that he will know how to treat me. I also have piezogenic papules on my feet and plantar fascilitis. I’m struggling to cope with all my symptoms at the moment. I take 70 mg amytriptiline at night which helps me sleep a bit better. I tried gabapentin and the pregabalin but they made me put in weight straight away, I’ve gone from 10 1/2 stone to 13 1/2 in 4 months.
It has helped me reading on here other peoples experiences and advice.
Best wishes

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I am so sorry that your mom has to suffer so and you to. I have fibro and EM also. I have had EM all my life and fibro for 30 some years. I sweat a lot and have a lot of pain. I also have hot and cold feet and hands.Socks on, socks off. Fan on, fan off. Blanket on, blanket off. Oh the fun of it all. Hot and cold weather both make me hurt quite a bit, but I do my best. Hope you and your mom have a pain free day