Do you practice grounding and/or earthing to ease your EM?

Hi Guys,

We have a new member WizzardJohn who has mentioned a practice many of us might follow - its called 'grounding'. Simplistically put- its restoring health from the ground up. The possibility of grounding ,or earthing, resolving inflammation is exciting- especially for EM'ers. Many EM'ers 'ground' without thinking - barefootedness is the first thing that springs to mind;)

This is fascinating stuff. Another 'tool' for our tool kit Especially since 'earthing research' shows associations between lack of grounding and immune system irregularities: chronic pain and stiffness.

Massive thank you to Wizzard John ((((((((((((((((Wizzard John))))))))))))

The team looks forward to an exciting discussion!

Wishing you all a 'comfortable' night

God bless


266-ACM_Journal_The_Biologic_Effects_of_Grounding_the_Human_Body_During_Sleep_as_Measured_by_Cortisol_evels_and_Subjective_Reporting_of_Sleep_Pain_and_Stress_2004.pdf (122 KB)

I have never heard of grounding before. I thought it was like mining or something!!! HA! I will look up your attached documents now. Thank you for sharing Mads.