Doctors here don’t understand about EM. My face & ears is hot, red & burning

Hi, 3mths ago I went to the beach everyday for around 1mths plus, to help a small patch for my psoriasis. Suddenly my face & ears become red & burning. I can only stay in my room inside the aircon together with fan. If I stay in aircon my face will be back to normal. If I go out of my room my face & ears will be red & burning. I have been gf free, dairy free, nightshades free for 3yrs due to Psoriasis. Green juicing everyday, organic all for 3yrs. This 3mths I have been staying in my room with aircon :sob: Doctors suspect rosacea but they just want to give steriod cream, I only want to go thru natural healing. Anyone has this problem?

I always thought mine was rosacea but positive it’s EM now.