Does morphine work for anyone?

I had a bad few months, my feet were so bad I wouldn't even get out of bed to eat and I lost 70 pounds total. I'm out of that but still in a wheel chair. I'm 52 and ended up weighing less than when I was in high school, much better now and gaining weight

We tried a few pain meds including morphine and hydrocodone with zero relief. Medical marijuana didn't kill the pain but it let my mind drift away from it at times. I'm not in a marijuana state anymore so it's out of the question. (let's not debate this here)

Does morphine work for anyone? Or any other pain med?

as every pain killer, morphine worked only for about a month for me, then i had to increase the dosage. its very addictive and to give it up was pretty tough. but yes, it helped... but as said, you need to increase the doses very fast... its like with heroine. also it had some bad side effects. helped me in my worst months tho, thats true. just withdrawing pffff... i felt like a junkie

hi Barry, i've been on lyrica and one aspirin for about 3 or 4 years now starting at 50 mg up to 200 mg two times a day. i'm 55 years old and it works for me about 70 % of the time. i also take a over the counter sleep aid when i can't sleep. if you decide to go on lyrica, i found a printable coupon online 87 % off. good luck Barry and God bless.

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