Medical marijuana

Anybody try it for EM pain? If so I need details. I have a state card for medical marijuana, everything is legal, well sort of. I use MM for diagnosed anxiety disorders, yes plural. For me it works very well, it's not for everyone, and for me there was a pretty big learning curve. I thought I was taking an average dose for anxiety but it was actually kinda small.

Now I have read that EM pain is in the same category as phantom limb pain and that MM can help some folks with phantom limb pain. So I figure... give it a shot ya? I have have mixed results. The reader's digest version is that I just can't predict when the pain is going to stop, so how do I know if the MM is making it stop? Ya don't! So what I do now is log how many times pain stopped soon after taking it, how many it didn't, and how many "not sures".

I once asked my psychologist, who I've seen for years, to give me a percentage number for how effective my current meds are. My thought was 60, he said 30. So according to him, my psyc meds were helping me control my anxiety on 30% of my bad days. This is not impressive. OMG I had to dump the lithium cause it is a known cause for neuropathy, I still take another med though. MM is much more effective for me than any combo I have previously taken.

So there is the background on why I'm on it. Right now the math shows a winner in the EM pain arena for me. I currently get relief ranging from some to complete but generally on the high end. So right now MM is helping me get pain relief in over 80% of flair ups. The down side? Short term memory is kinda, well...I forget.

I forgot to mention, lol, that I have tried all the pills in the protocol starting with gabepentin. And the reason I'm nearly legal? I live in a vet shelter right now and it is federally subsidized not to mention federal land, a closed Navy base. If I get caught I'm homeless again. Even so, no regrets. Please put this at the bottom of your list of things to try if you are not in a state that has a medical marijuana law.