EM cure, have u tried this?

Hey! I found a really interesting cure on a EM-group on Facebook today. Its a guy who cured his EM totally, without any meds. Step by step downbelow. This looks quite sick, and really really interresting. Have anyone else tried this? Looks to good to be true.

I cured my EM. You’ll find below a description of how I did it, but in the interest of being thorough, allow me to disclose that I’m 39 and in perfect health otherwise. For most of my adult life I have eaten a natural, whole foods diet and have exercised multiple days per week. My body fat is under 10% and my resting heart rate is in the 40s. My blood work is so good that it makes my doctor’s toes curl. I don’t say this to discourage those with other conditions from trying what I describe below, but only to temper feelings of despair if the treatment described here doesn’t work for you in the presence of multiple health problems causing or otherwise attending your EM. I’m probably the ideal subject for such a treatment, but I have definitely heard of cases of similar plans working for those with EM secondary to some other condition. That said, I sincerely think everyone should try this as it seems to me to be safe, without any likely long term negative consequences. I think we can all agree that it is infinitely safer than the polypharmacy approach of which the medical establishment is so fond.

What I did:

  1. On March 2nd, I stopped putting my feet under fans and/or in cool water to stop flares. Instead, every night before taking a hot shower, I put my feet in two buckets of warm water for thirty minutes, after which I took a hot shower. For the first month of treatment, I used water around 97-100 degrees; after the first month, I gradually raised the temperature weekly until the water in the buckets was 109-110.

  2. After the hot shower, making sure my apartment was at around 76-80 degrees, I forced my body to recover on its own without any aid whatsoever. I lied down on the bed until the flare was gone and then applied copious amounts of lotion. At first, the flares took hours to subside; now, I don’t flare any more than a “normal” person.

  3. At about the 7 week mark, I added 30-40 minute walks midday with socks and tennis shoes on. After the walks, I kept my socks on and forced my feet to recover.

I still do this protocol and am about to transition to a maintenance dose, which I believe will simply be a hot shower every night. I no longer flare, and I can wear normal footwear in all conditions. Recently, I took a 40 minute walk in 93 degree heat and didn’t flare at all. My EM was mostly on my feet, but I had a mild form on hands and ears, too. No part of my body flares anymore (I don’t do anything for the ears except run them under hot water in the shower every night, and for the hands I always make sure to wash them (and dishes) in hot water).

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results after the first few treatments–give it a week before quitting. Slowly, day after day, if you’re like me, you’ll see improvement.

There are likely many “right” ways to do this sort of heat desensitization, so feel free to “make it your own.”

I take a few supplements, but let’s not obsess over that–the heat is the thing.


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But whats your personal thoughts of this treatment? Is it worth to take a try? Or can it make the things worse then it is?