Erythromelalgia pictures

I'd like to start an erythromelalgia picture project. As diagnosing EM can be difficult, it could be beneficial to the community to have a central repository of EM pictures. Leave pictures of your flares as attachments in the comments. If you want to add a description also, feel free!


Great Idea ! Doctors are always baffled, and photos would help so much for those going in to Doctors at the beginning, and also a comparative as EM is with you longer. Will try to post mine soon

There is a photo album on the main page for member's EM pictures - if they choose to upload :)

Carter didnt notice it and so I fear its not common knowledge - members often miss it . You can upload here ,but its best if you upload on your profile so that photos get placed into the album for everyone to see. Discussion forum photos just stay in the discussion post.

Massive thanks to Carter for raising this issue :)