Finding your new passion

Hi everyone.
Every once in a while I let it get to me. The not being able to do what I used to. Not even able to do the simplest things you see others doing. Sitting in a restaurant, going to a movie or museum, even just shopping in a store. I am new to having to give up my job as a flight attendant and I am looking for something that I can wake up and look forward to doing. What are some of the things you have found that you can still do that has brought you happiness? I am still trying to figure out how to make the most of what I’ve been dealt. Thank you for all of your suggestions.

Hi Alina,

I was working and studying part time before the EM, and I've managed to keep going with my studies after the EM, which has meant a lot.

When the EM started I initially had to drop out of the courses I was doing. But the support staff were able to make arrangements to help me resume. For example, I'd missed an exam but they arranged for me to sit it at a later date. And since I couldn't travel to the exam centre, they arranged for the invigilator to come to my home and I took the exam here.

I don't know for sure it's all going to work out. I think you need to have a reasonable chunk of time most days without much pain, or you can't think clearly. So I'm hoping my health doesn't worsen again and I'm able to keep going with it.

Thank you for the reply Mick.
I can’t believe they would be so accommodating. I’m very happy for you. I have considered continuing my education just incase I do get better someday. Now you can do most from home with online corses. My EM is so bad I can rarely leave my home. It’s kind of a gamble though. I will still have to pay for my education and I can’t work due to this so I don’t have the funds for something that may never come to fruition. On the other hand if I do find a treatment that allows me to get back in the workforce I won’t be able to return as a flight attendant so I will need more education to be employable. I hope you are able to continue on and find an employer that will be equally accommodating for you. Keep it up!

Hi Alina,

Yes, sorry that it wasn't such a good suggestion. Anyway let me know if you'd like me to send over some information in case you decide you would like to look into it.

I hope you get some more ideas and find something that's right for you.

Thank you Mick.
It was a great suggestion. It was something I have been tossing around myself. If you could send me some information and tips on how you are able to continue with your education It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. That is very thoughtful. I don’t want to just waste my life away. I like to think there is still something I can do.

Hi Alina,

I'll do that. This place would be very different without you, so you're definitely not wasting your life away.

Thank you Mick
You just made my day :slight_smile: