Flares From Eating?

I feel like a lot of my flare ups happen shortly after I’ve eaten something. Usually something substantial like a full meal, not just snacks. I also get them with temperature changes, anxiety, or from seemingly no reason in particular but I always thought the eating one was a little strange. Does anyone else experience this?

Hi! I experience this too - I notice it’s triggered with certain foods such as tomatoes, garlic, peppers and onions. I try and avoid these but it’s a bit difficult. Also, eating later at night after 7:00 pm is a trigger for me. Hoping your flares go down - and hoping mine will too.

I also experience flare ups during evening meals, mainly to hands but sometimes feet also. I have not noticed a particular food causing this but as I am the cook find that how the food is prepared a factor, Cooking on the hob is one, as I use my right hand to stir this alone will cause my right hand to flare. I dont recall flares if I eat a cold evening meal so in my case i think its heat rather than a particular food

I notice the same thing. Garlic, tomatoes, onions, peppers, dark chocolate, high temp foods, etc. are all contributors, I think. Definitely a bit puzzling! I encourage you to keep pushing through. Keeping a journal is helpful in trying to find trends and what might be causing more flares than usual, etc. I have found a few things that seem to help. Butterbur and feverfew are a few herbs Dr. Cohen suggests in his reading material.


Actually your description could have come from me. So, yes. All of the above. Unfortunately.

There is definitely something in this as we have noticed that after eating a meal that the hot feet begin! It must be the rise in body temperature caused by eating. We have also noticed that garlic was not good and was making flare ups worse, even garlic puree which is in alot of foods. Haven’t noticed tomatoes being a cause, but will keep an eye on that. Keeping a food diary would be a good idea to see if there is any pattern. Good luck let us know if you notice any particular foods not already mentioned that seem to contribute, I will do the same.

I agree on all of this
I noticed the pattern and tested it out
Especially eating late night will cause bad flares
I have to eat early dinner 4-5pm

nightshade plant family
Causes huge flares

I just can’t

I find I cannot drink even an ounce of wine or spicy food and get immediate flare up! Patty In Calif.

Me too…I have found, however, that I can have a very small glass of light beer. Give it a try. It is all about experimenting…

Yup every single time. I think because our bodies metabolize the food. Some foods such as night shades, any spice, etc. flare worse also melon, some berries.

It is aweful as I love to eat and every time I go to eat, I know pain is coming after.

I have changed To a vegan diet, flares are drastically reduced.

Yes Yes Yes! I noticed this happing every time I ate, no matter what type of food. However, I think the temperature of the food also dictates if I will flare; I don’t believe cold foods bother me as much.

I explained this effect in response to another user’s question about a month ago:

The autonomic nervous system regulates functions of internal organs and mainly has two components, sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system main function is to stimulate the body’s “fight or flight response.” The parasympathetic nervous system main function is to “digest and rest.”

The sympathetic nervous system predominates during the day. At night the sympathetic nervous system relaxes; blood pressure falls, muscles relax and skin vessels dilate. The parasympathetic nervous system predominates at night.

This is why your erythromelalgia symptoms are inherently worse at night. In preparing to sleep, the sympathetic nervous system is suppressed and blood vessels dilate.

After a meal, the parasympathetic is activated due to the distension of the gastrointestinal tract and sympathetic activity is suppressed. Much like nighttime, this causes blood vessels to dilate and your body to warm.

Erythromelalgia, at a very basic level, is autonomic nervous system dysfunction .

Thanks for the detailed info, very much appreciated:)

Yes. For me, any food in quantity ( a meal, rather than a snack). Sugar, definitely, is terrible, but carbs - ALL carbs - also is guaranteed to increase the burning.