Food experiment..... WOW

So, yesterday wasn't a good day and ALL NIGHT LONG was bad, worst in 5 years.. Normally after I get up in the morning my feet are ok until early or late afternoon but it took an hour after getting up for my feet to feel OK.. I decided to chill out with the eating today. I had one large cup of coffee, cream and sugar.. Then around 10am I had a banana. around 2 I had a bowl of fresh strawberry's, still no issues with the feet, they were white and cold to the touch, no pain. I had a hand full of peanuts a little while later and around 4pm I had another banana. I was shocked at how my feet were doing by eating very little and good food. I decided not to eat anymore and sure enough my feet didnt bother until I ate two small burritos, not spicy. I at them around 7:50pm tonight, within 20 minutes out of nowhere I could feel the pain coming on, the redness etc, it happened very quickly. I know it was the food, now would this of happened if it were a different food or the fact it was a larger portion of food? I'll find out tomorrow because I plan on doing the same thing and see if I can make it into the night, if so, I may eat a small portion of oatmeal around the same time 7:50pm and see if anything happens, if not I will not eat for the rest of the night and see how the night goes.

I look forward to hearing how this goes for you! I already eat a pretty simple diet because of GERD - but perhaps that has helped my EM progress slowly. Maybe you should try eating a burrito for lunch since EM tends to be worse at night.

I hope eating differently helps for you. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. I like libbyK's suggestion of eating the burritos early in the day and see if that causes flaring during a time you normally don't have flares. I need to try this myself because I am not sure if it effects me too. I typically flare worse at night and I typically eat small during the day and a larger meal at night. I know for myself if I try and walk around and do things I flare any time of day even on an empty stomach but if I am just sitting relaxing in my cool home I can go without flares till the evening. Even though I am doing the same thing(nothing) in the same temp the flaring always comes at night. Is this because my evening meals are larger or just because it is just that time of day? Well worth testing it out.

Although the food experiment did limit the flareups I did get the pain in the early evening. This was only one experiment with food. I bet there is some foods or a combo that will lighten or even prevent most flareups. I did have a full day into the night without any issues, it basically only happened once but damn that was one good day, who know why I didnt have any pain that one day..

Hi, Jimm. I wanted to let you know that I have noted the same thing happening as well. As I read your opening post, I wondered to myself, " does this person eat anything that contains the same things that seem to trigger flares for me?" Tomatoes and garlic are two major ones for me. (The burritos could have both in them. ). Most of my favorite foods contain both. (lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, are a few.) Garlic has often been used as a natural treatment for high blood pressure. So, you can see how it may interact with the crazy ups and downs in blood pressure that EM brings to the table. The same goes for tomatoes. Also, tomatoes are good for your heart.
Perhaps, if you write down the foods that seem to have a instigating effect on your EM, you will be able to find common properties between them and life can be a little less painful for you.
Good luck!

I have taken atenolol since 2001 for high blood pressure, my blood pressure is due to weight mostly, if I loose weight the blood pressure seems to go down in the normal range but it seems extremely hard to loose weight the last 10 years even though I work out with weights and take my bicycle out once in a while. Wonder it the atenolol use had anything to do with this EM which started around 2008?

Do you take any other medicines regularly? If the timing seems close for when you began taking the atenolo & when the EM started up, it could be a drug interaction. Or, like I suspect is what happened with me, the drug nearly brought out the EM which was lying in wait and mostly unnoticeable for years. Have you ever been able to sleep in socks for an entire night? The answer to that question may help you to determine if the atenolol could be a cause or merely brought it in front.

Specifically, any medications for migraine headaches? (Verapamil or any meds classified as “ergot derivitives”)

I definitely see a worsening of my pain when eating anything with sugar or processed food, or too many calories. If I have a day where I have eaten only unprocessed/nonspicy food, then my symptoms are rare. I have a hard time being disciplined and saying no to sweets. But when I am good, my EM is very well controlled.