Try this for EM Flareups and see how it goes

Today was a good day, its 11pm and still a good day, this happened twice before and as stupid as this may sound the one thing that I ate both times was chicken cutlets lightly breaded and fried in olive oil. Im staring at my toes and they look perfectly normal and are cool/cold to the touch, I even see veins and bones in my feet, usually they are puffy. I have plenty of cutlets left so I will be eating these 1st thing in the morning and through out the day to see if I have any flareups and if so how bad.

For what its worth I use egg to coat the chicken, then progresso Italian bread crumbs with a few tablespoons of flour.. then fry it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, very simple.

Interesting, jimm. Whatever works, works, right? And it sounds delicious. :)

3:15pm and NO flare-ups so far, feet/toes are cold to the touch, no redness, no burning, no swelling... I had to small chicken cutlets this morning and 2 this afternoon.. will keep everyone posted as to where Im at later. I hope other will try this for 2 days to see if there is any difference in the amount of flare-ups if any at all..

Wow. Enjoy the break. I sure hope it keeps it up. I admit it sounds strange but if it is working that is all that matters.

Please keep us updated if it continues to help. Thank you.

Take care,