How Fast Do Food Triggers Cause Flares?

For those who’ve identified foods/ caffeine/ alcohol as triggers, how soon after having those foods do you have a flare?

I’m curious if it’s a pretty immediate reaction, or if it might be a few hours later, or even a cumulative kind of thing…

For alcohol it’s pretty immediate for me.

for me it is almost instantaneous.

Any food consumption may contribute to EM activity because of the role the parasympathetic nervous system plays in the digestion process. It’s the same reason EM is more active at night. The parasympathetic nervous system is the “rest and digest system” and EM worsens when it is more active than the other half of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system.

Before I started medication I used to always flare after eating a large meal.

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Thanks! If it’s usually a pretty immediate response, then maybe I’ve got a bit of luck and food isn’t a major trigger for me. That would be something to be grateful for.

For me, usually not until an hour later, and often more. I have constant EM, so it worsens the burning, rather than triggering it. Sugar and carbs. ALL carbs. And fruit. And any rich foods. I get the impression that foods that are bad for gout, are bad for mt EM. Ironic, because it made me first think that I was developing gout, but no, it was EM building up.