Genetic Testing

Has anyone out there tried getting their genetic profile from a service like 23 and Me? I don't know if they would even have information pertaining to EM, but I thought I'd ask since I just recently found out about genetic testing being widely available like this.

I haven’t done this as the cost of postage to the UK makes it prohibitively expensive, but I know of many Americans with EM among other diseases who have, and were enthusiastic with the results.

Hi LibbyK and Nel

What specific testing is available? I understand there is testing for a chromosomal abnormalities for possible high platelets and a JAK2 or TET2 gene?

23andme was ordered by the FDA in 2013 to cease offering health results with their genetic testing kits, because of concern about inaccurate information being given to patients. Genetic testing is still in its infancy and may result in "excessive diagnoses," particularly if marketed directly to patients. Targeted genetic testing of the kind Xenon is doing is a very different project from the scattershot type of testing of 23andme.