Has anyone else dealt with fainting?

Has anyone else dealt with fainting? For me the cause of my em is somewhat clear. I’ve had vasospasm all my life, just didn’t know that’s what it was called until after my health tanked. Then an unfortunate series of events involving a bad job, bad doctor, bad boss, bad physical therapist and another bad doctor caused em. However I’m dealing with several other health issues at the same time and struggling to put all the pieces together.

I’ve blacked out severaI times in the past 6 years, including last night, and hit my head on the bathroom floor 7 times. Thankfully last night I was able to slump against the sink and didn’t fall. However I barely made it back to bed before passing out again. Of the 7 times I hit my head on the bathroom floor, 6 were during my period. The last time I hit my head was 3 years ago and it still hurts. I think it’s something to do with losing a lot of blood. But then last night I didn’t have my period and it’s not summer so it’s not that hot. I have been under extreme STRESS. Maybe that affected my ability to regulate blood flow? Please let me know if you’ve had a similar experience.

My little girl faints often and we still don't know why, she has Vulva EM, Interstitial Cystitis (IC) CRPS and EDS.

I’m so sorry your daughter has to go through so much already. My em is only in the extremities, mostly my feet. But with all the vasospasm and vasodilation I thought it maybe related, ESPECIALLY because the dizziness & fainting happens most often when i have my period. It very scary isn’t it? :frowning:

I have never fainted, but I get lightheaded occasionally (probably because my blood pressure tends to be on the low side). I definitely feel weaker and lose some of my color in my face (not the red, unfortunately, ha!) during my periods, which are heavy and painful (apparently endometriosis). Have you had your iron levels tested?

I have never passed out before but I have had what I like to call a cognitive slowing in spells that last a few hours at a time . My doctors don't know why this happens to me. possibly tiny blood clots in my brain because I am prone to blood clots. I have been on Coumadin now for a few years and come to think of it I don't seem to get these spells so much any more. I wouldn't put it passed that anything that causes your neuro-vascular system to go wacky can effect just about any bodily functions. I have never had a period since having EM due to Adinomyosis and removal of my uterus so I can't speak with any experience to how having your period and EM might effect you. with heavy blood loss during your periods have your doctors looked at Anemia? You will have to be tested during your period because I had period induced anemia. My results were normal off my period but anemic while having my period.

Do you have an at home blood pressure cuff? You could try taking your blood pressure when you are symptomatic to see if that might be causing your fainting. I know easier said than done when you are fainting but if you can when you start to feel light headed if you have time and don't pass out. Some people with EM also have Autonomic dysfunction which could cause intermittent problems with blood pressure that don't necessarily show up when at the doctor.

I hope you get this figured out. As you know from your passed experiences it could be quite dangerous when you pass out and hit your head.

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Yes have Ben experiencing fairing for a couple of years and lightheaded when I bend down or crouch everyone I have fainted I get a cold sweat and shake the blackout on the numerous occasions of going to the doctors I have been old it may be die to the pain I’m in or the medication I am on or a panic attack however I think it is something to do with when I stand or sit and the fainting always happens when I having a flare or have been on my feet and am worn out. Had no luck with a diagnosis or help so will continue to seek help my specialist said to go back to my gp an get referred to a cardiologist

Thank you all for th great ideas. I’m not sure pots makes sense as I most often faint from a sitting position and fall right off the toilet (thus hit my head on the bathroom floor).
However I often get up quickly to go to the bathroom so maybe it’s a delayed reaction to that? I’ve been trying to go slowly from lying to sitting and that seems to help some with dizziness.