HBOT for EM?

Has anyone ever tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy for EM?

Yes, I tried it as a child, aged 11. It wasn't helpful for the pain nor did it reduce the frequency or duration of flares. The only advantage I could imagine with it is to help heal any lesions. If you do try it, good luck and let us know how you get on.

I must have had at least 40 treatments as it was twice a day for almost six weeks. I don't know what the pressure was but 2.4 ATA sounds about right as it took about 20 minutes to pressurise the capsule. I would then have to sit in this thing (it was very, very small, barely bigger than the seat you sat in) for 2 hours, which for a child was really boring. I could read, but couldn't take any food in, as the danger of a spark from the plastic wrapping (from static electricity) in a high oxygen atomsphere was shown by the Apollo 1 fire. I believe that this problem has now been overcome for HBOT, and is much safer (my treatment was over 23 years ago).

If you are thinking of it, make sure that your EM is of the same type as the person mentioned in that successful case. I wonder if it is a case of EM caused by injury, where the high oxygen levels and pressure have allowed healing to take place (as evidenced by the necrosis helaing) and stop the EM. If you have tissue damage, it may be useful too. If you do go for it, please let us know the results! It would be nice to think that all those hours I had to endure in that chamber were not in vain, if they learned more about treating EM with HBOT as a result.