Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy or am I going mad

In our never ending research,My Wife found some references to Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy. We realise this is a long shot however there is a specialist centre at the Royal Adelaide here in Australia and wondered if it might be worth a try for Emily. We have written to her Pediatrician.

There does seem to be a fair bit out there concerning this as potentially being beneficial for nerve pain.

What do you think? Potential ? has anyone seen heard of or even tried this? sometimes its like a madness and We seem to be going way out there. We would do anything to get Emily some relief.




I believe in the US you can pay for private treatments at some $250 per session. I would be very interested on peoples views on this.

Bless you , Davidpot.

We did an article on hyberbaric oxygen therapy around July. I know of some fibromyalgia sufferers and CRPS sufferers who report great relief. In the UK a couple of pain related charities offer this for free! . I was going to try this out myself but have not been well enough to be displaced and travel to clinic. Theory- high oxygen levels and pressure induce tissue healing.

Do you know Chloe's mum (Jacqui) at all? Worth a chat - I can connect you up :) Plus, can we give you some new names for Aussie medics? New medics might mean new treatments!

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Thinking of you and darling Emily

God bless