I am trying to find info about the lotion

Somebody wrote in an e-mail about a lotion and said how it was truly amazing how the dry skin went away. My feet are horrible, I need something. Nothing works

I tried to send this information once before and I am not doing well with how things work here. Anyway I have had EM for going on 14 years. Really, really bad the last 5. I have cried and begged God to take me home. Well......I read about Dr. Cohen (he had EM) and was in bed for 3 years. He started using magnesium. At the time I was just sick of trying "things". My EM got so bad that I prayed for an answer. I belong to another EM group and there was an article about Dr. Cohen and the magnesium. I started taking 500 mg once a day (by my doctor's okay). I am taking Gabapentin, Effexor (and they have certainly helped) BUT.......I actually feel like laughing and going places now (not many my legs swell). If you get magnesium, BUY THE BEST my husband asked our pharmacist. As I sit here typing this I am getting ready to go to Emergency room because of cellulitis in legs (there are blister that are weeping).

God bless all of you!!!!!


Was this the link you were looking for..??

I am pleased to hear the the magneisium is working for you..! My pain specialist reccomended it for me but never put in my treatment plan how much. I am seeing him again this month so will ask him then.

I hope you have had some relief from the blisters..?
I hope you have managed to