I hate winter!

Just wanted to type few words. Winter sucks. I underwent sympatectomy in october 2011. Was told the effect should be permanent for feet but no guarantee for hands. So it seems it's back for the hands. Not as bad as before but the cold weather causes me bad spasms followed by reactive heat in my palms and fingers. I know I'm not the only one here with this, as I saw in one discussion. THANKFULLY MY FEET ARE OKAY! Sometimes normally warm, sometimes a little warmer, but OKAY! I SO WISH IT STAY THIS WAY FOREVER!!! Other way I swear I'm going to beg my surgeon on my knees to cut the nerves again!

Can't wait for the summer, hopefully the hot hands are just a reaction to cold and it will not happen in warmer weather. Exercising is no problem. Still using aspirin against the blood clotting, gingo biloba for better circulation and anti-depressives for my eating disorder. Should visit the endokrinologist because of my auto-immune thyreoditis (need to get the hormone levels checked and also sonography after years, havent been there for years now).

Oh and I think I'm gonna kill one of my dogs (don't take me serious) because she is just one bad bad dog, not listening at all. I was waiting outside in really cold and windy time 2 hours today before she got back from one of her "trips". God knows where she been. Interesting because her sister who I also have is the best dog ever causing no problems at all. Hmmm, so thats all. Hope everyone has a good day with no pain. Liz

P.S. Sorry for my bad English. ;)