Freezing hands

And it's here again, cold as **** outside (well inside the house it's not much better, we have central heating and uhhh it's hard to make more than 16°C here inside now). Btw I fell down into the snow on a walk yesterday (gotta blame my dog), my hands were completely covered with the snow, brrrrr, in few seconds it started to feel like they got frozen and was about to broke like glass, within few minutes the most affected fingers started to burn. I really "love" this response to cold, fantastico! ;)) I made myself the cold allergy test (ice cube put on forearm), I didn't react immediately, but after like 24hrs swelling, redness and pain occured in that place. (looked almost like a bruise). I read a late reponse cold allergy exists, but that its very rare. Another rare condition? wow, thanks, I really needed some! lol. XoX

I had a Raynaud's problem today from the cold weather, but not a Cold Urticaria thing like you. Sounds bad. Do you have a blood disorder or mast cell disorder that causes your EM and that also?