Improved my Periperal Neuropathy after 10 months

For the record I am in my sixties, 15 pounds overweight and otherwise healthy except for the Neuropathy, acid reflux and some Tinnitius.

Was taking prescriptions Teka ( Reflux) and Lipidor ( anti-cholesterol)

Nov 2014
I am convinced the "light " therapy would NOT work in my case..Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy I have just a mild beginnings of this disease in winter of 2014 and am trying my best to find the cause.

May 6, 2015
After some research I decide it would be best to stop taking Lipidor ( anti-cholesterol statin) last may 2015, to my surprise many aches and pains in my upper spine and neck disappeared, along with a good reduction in intensity in those horrible crunching noises when I move my neck back and forth.
Apparently Peripheral Neuropathy is a confirmed side effect of these Statin drugs along with Tinnitus.

August 19, 2015
My wife and myself viewed an interesting show on Netfflix called "Forks over Knives" .. the underlying message is that almost everything that negatively affects the human body is caused by some sort of inflammation and is really is about eating healthy and a change in lifestyle. Any way we decided to do an about face and did reduce a lot of toxic dietary products and eliminate a lot of processed foods, fats etc...) we also purchased a Juicer and have one glass each day .

Started taking several Vitamins daily as supplements.

At this time my NEUROPATHY symptons had NOTchanged

Sept 22,2015

Been off the Lipidor (Statin) for over 4 months and on a healthier lifestyle for 5 weeks:

My wife has also helped me by aggressively massaging each soles for about 20 minutes each day while we watch TV

Eating healthier as mentioned above, sleeping better, still taking a bunch of vitamins

Results so far:

AT this time my NEUROPATHY symptons HAVE changed from Numbness in the soles of my feet to a "less intense Numbness" along with a new prickly tingling sensation which was not present before.. similar to when my hand went to sleep and wakes up again.

My Acid reflux has totally disappeared.
I am sleeping about one hour longer each night.
My energy levels are bit better throuhgout the day

My wife really surpised me. She is 50 and otherwise healthy.

Her daily migraines she has had since childhood have gone away ( some would last 2 days or more, sometime staying off work). In the last 5 weeks she had only one attack.

Her Acid reflux has also disappeared as has mine.

I don't know whta this means but I think it's all good.

I rejected that Light Therapy" as a placebo effect after reading through hours of Clinical trials by bonafide doctors
I did see a well advertised on-line "Ch****y Centre" in Toronto ans was NOT impressed at all.. there main focus was trying to lease to me a questionable Light Therapy Home care kit for $2400 over a 90 day period. Their diagnosis of my condition was a joke.

Never once attempted to discus the cause .. just offered me their band aid Light therapy solution. That's all have to say about that
That whole experience was extremely dissapointing