It hurts so bad

Hi everybody, this week,

my pain is much stronger, particularly at night. I go to bed, and I almost come to expect it: and it happens, pain, very strong, impossible to sleep. I'm desperate, my cream worked well and there, nothing more! Since the attacks of paris, is that stress might have deal with it?

Is what it is because it is too cold for me, my feet are frozen in setting me, and when they warm up... BOOM, EM.

It is very hard to continue to work without sleeping.

When I get stressed, my feet can flare, so stress might contribute in your case, Carine, especially if you live in Paris. Can your doctor prescribe something to help you sleep? My doctor just prescribed for me a stronger pain drug. I am also about to try a new cream, midodrine. My heart goes out to you.
Stay safe, Beth

Thank you Beth ,It is quite true that I stress following the attacks and also a heart problem that I had last week. So, at night, even if it is very cold in the room, my feet flare . I do not understand seen jelly room temperature !! One week I sleep three hours a night, I can no longer ...

I'm interested to have news fot your cream !


Hi Carine,
My heart goes out to you. At night I take 2mg of Xanax which knocks me out and I can sleep through the pain. Hopes this info helps. It’s so different for all of us but helps knowing we’re in this together.