Leg Pain

Has anyone expirerence leg pain behind the knee and it run down the inner side of your calf as if you may have a blood clot. I have had this pain on several occassions. I also had the ultra sound done to verify that I did not have one. The pain is bothersome and it hurts even when I am not moving. I look forward to other discussions.


Yep, I know the pain, and like you medicos have not found any logical reason for it, for some strange reason, salt helps me. So, have some chips...lol

That's good that the ultrasound showed no clots. I'm not sure what your exact pain is from, but getting it checked out often is probably not a bad idea, because these symptoms are so similar to that of a DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Especially if you have pain there as it is, if it ever gets worse, it might prevent you from getting it checked out. I would try Aspirin and calf pumps, which may be effective, and avoid sitting for long periods of time. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply Melanie. I currently do take a aspirin a day 325mg as orderd by my doctor for my EM.

I am a nurse and work 12 hours shifts and sometime 80% on my feet. My Neurologist has suggested that I find other employment that will balance my sleep, sitting and standing. I am in the process now of trying to find somthing else.

I have had this pain in the calf of my left leg after walking to my local shops .... The return journey becomes agonizing as my muscle seems to go into spasm .... I am in pain then for the next few days ... Strangely enough the last time it happened a couple of weeks ago I found I could walking up a slight incline WITHOUT pain but going down the incline instant muscle clamping pain again ?? ..... No idea what this could be .... I don't venture too far from home now unless we drive .... Sad really as I used to love walking the dog for miles the mere thought now brings me out in a cold sweat lol

Thanks to all for their reply. So far I have changed jobs and now do desk work. I find myself having really bad hip pain and I have been fighting a groin adductor strain for quite some time now. I try to get up a move around but I can sit for 1 hour and get up limping because of my hip. My left leg is really bad from the hip down. Don't know what else to do but to try and rest as much as possible.