Can't stand the pain

Does anyone suffer from severe leg pain in all muscles? I have EM and Raynoids syndrome but as far as I have read these both affect the digits and whilst they are bad enough I can hardly put weight on my legs some days.

Appreciate any input please.

I get sever leg pain if I try to walk to much. I went to the emergency room they said it was siatica nerve pain I new they were wrong because it started in my feet.I have been diagnosed with em. So I just left because they new nothing about em.Iam still searching for answers.


Me too especially when the weather here in nz is so changeable.

Hi Tiff,

When I was in the worst pain my legs hurt so bad that I could not walk on them nor single out where all the pain was coming from. I have had EM for 20yrs and for the first 7 they tried any and all medication that they had. The only thing that worked for me was a medtronic pump inplant that gives me a measure dose of medication 24 hours a day. Call Medtronic in Mineiapolis, Minn or a pain management Dr. fimilar with this procedure. Best wishes.


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I don't want to be the rainy day but but for some, good days get a bit rare. Adapt, overcome, improvise. Ya gotta love Callahan. You must search for your pain management hook. One that works for me may not help you at all. One adaptation that has helped me is a wheelchair that I've modified with the calf pads jacked up like a monster truck. I'm thinkin 'bout havin a flame job painted on her. Seems fitting.