My doctor has prescribed me a low dose (2 daily x 50mg) Lyrica. I'd be obliged for feedback on how other members prescribed this have found it.

Looking at the side effects it makes me very wary of taking even a sniff of one but I suppose that is true of most drugs.

Hey =)

Lyrica was one of the first drugs I was given to treat pain. For me it worked fantastically and still does when taken on time. The only real side effects I've had from it are a slight loss of balance sometimes and it takes a while to take effect, but everyone is different. Before I had stared on Lyrica, I had gone searching for its effectiveness and how/if side effects affected people and I didn't find much on the side effects part but I did find that it wasn't so effective for some people and for the people it worked for it worked sensationally. I hope if you decide to take it, it works a treat for you =) Take care xx

Thanks for your reply Sdayleah.

I have just read your blogs and despite having been awake most of the night with the discomfort I have yet to experienced the degree of pain you describe. Is this what I have to look forward to?

At 3am I was sitting on the kitchen floor binding my right foot as tightly as I could with a crepe bandage to ease the pressure/pain etc. It gave me some of relief for a while but in the end I had to take the bandage off as my ankle started to swell. Fortunately my left foot stayed stone cold.

I will try out the Lyrica for the first time tomorrow and be very careful in monitoring the side effects as I have to take more than enough prescription drugs as it is. I've just checked and none of them seem to interfere with Lyrica. A case of suck it and see I think.

Thanks again for your help.

I take Lyrica. I am on 100mg at night. The reason we are doing it at night is because a) the worse pain is at night b) some of the side effects can happen but I will be sleeping. I already have a balance problem so we didn’t want to worsen it. I haven’t found any side effects but I have found great benefits. We started at just 50 mg and it didn’t even touch it so now that we are up to 100 mg it is much better. So now I take that and only take aspirin when I am having the flare. My aspirin dose though is quite high - I take 1000 mg when it flares as that is all that takes it down to a point where I am not crying or unable to move. I hope you are able to find a way to take yours.

Hello, Just an update on how the Lyrica treatment is going. I've been on it for two weeks now and have had a little relief in that I have had some sleep at night, but it can take a while. I tried taking the 2 tablets together just at night which seemed better but the last two nights have been horrible. Sitting with my feet in a sink of cold water for a couple of minutes and then staggering back to bed and the fan before the coolness wore off. I don't resort to cold water often and only for a couple of minutes.

How come I can have legs and feet as cold as the arctic circle and with a fan blowing on them and out of the blue the tingling starts. It just beggars belief. Just what is the trigger that sets a flare off I wonder.

I have found that the demarcation line on my feet for the redness is gradually moving towards my ankles and the pins and needles are all round my ankle where they weren't a couple of months ago.

The side effects of the Lyrica are swelling (oedema) in my feet and ankles, unsteadiness, constipation and lack of appetite. All these I can deal with except the loss of appetite as I am trying to put weight on as I am only 91lbs I'm using supplements which the doctor has prescribed. I've always been skinny but can't seem to gain weight especially as I have got older.

Will go back to see my doctor soon to try and educate him with some information on EM and see if we can up the Lyrica a little for a more positive effect.

Keep on keeping on.

Hi Tilly, I know this is an old note, but I’m researching Lyrica and ran across it. You mentioned (ahem) constipation probs with the meds. A wonderful natural solution is Calcium Citrate. Take 200 mg at night and work up or down depending on your success. This has been a quality of life changer for me. Hope it works for you. Have a cool day. P

Dear TillyP,
I started out on Gabapentin Nov 17, 2016. The reason I’m so OCD about the date, is it’s the day I got my formal diagnosis, after 2 yrs and 6 doctors. Was drunk with no pain relief for 6 mos and then started Lyrica. 50mg 3X a day. Have worked up to 100 Mg 2X a day with 150mg before bed. The burning has lessened, but I’m in a flare now that started at 6pm. I’m stressed out and that can be a flare trigger. Have a gel pack on my palms that feels sooooooo good. I hope this info will prove helpful to you. I’m going to do some research and decide whether or not to increase the Lyrica doseage. If you discover anything please post me. Stay cool, girl. Really cool. P