Lyrical Lyrica

Sorry I’ve been away for abit. Got a new phone and the kid had to teach me how to use it then the data ran out so couldn’t set the phone up and of course lost all my logins and passwords.

I wanted to let you all know how the treatment with Lyrica is going hence the title Lyrical Lyrica.

Seems like Lyrica has a mind of its own. It’s abit like the nerve pain only without the nerve pain.

I weaned up to 75mg twice a day. It’s relieved my anxiety alot and my nerve pain was finally somewhat relieved and it was so nice having a bit of a break from it but the side effects have been unusual. They change and fluctuate and are quite unpredictable. I’m very awake and can’t sleep then very asleep. The other night I missed a dose and was consciously asleep abit like the tramadol. I spent 2 or 3 hours talking in my sleep with my son humouring me and answering me. When I woke I took the tablet and slept solidly.

I had abit of a scare, my fingers swelled up and my vision went funny and I couldn’t drive home and had a 4 hour trip that took me 12 hours. I didn’t think I would get home. I had been stressed so don’t know if this set the symptoms off. I couldn’t get the words out and spent some fun times speaking in riddles around the word. I could describe the word just not use it.
Sometimes a dosage really affects me, hits me like a brick and sometimes not and it’s not predictable. It wears off in the 12 hours and I feel like I need the twice a day dosage.
So after my scare I stopped taking it for nearly a week and the nerve stuff came back and it was really annoying and I was craving relief so took the Lyrica again. I think the dosage is wrong and I should probably reduce it to 50mg twice a day but I would have to go back to the doctor and I haven’t had time.
I really don’t like the side effects, particularly the unpredictability. I’m grateful for some relief and I’m back to see the surgeon for a review on Wednesday. Speak to you all then.

:notes: Sharyn

Hey Sharyn,
My situation is not EM related, but, nerve pain has been one of the many diagnosis. I too have been prescribed Lyrica and had similar unpredictable results. I found this to be very unstable as a treatment. With consultations with my dr’s I stopped using it. Things have been much better in my opinion using opiates to control the pain over Lyrica.

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I’d try low dose 10-20mg amitriptyline at night. Will make you sleepy at first but doubt you get the other issues. May not work quite as well as Lyrica but should help. Also much cheaper. I take both but neither gives me any side effects. Guess I am lucky

I’m thinking now it’s time to try the Amitriptyline. Since Lyrica is used for bipolar and my mood has somewhat stabilised on Lyrica it’s probably a good time to try to add it to the repertoire. I’m also on Norspan for the pain. Interesting the other night I noticed the nerve pain from my back down my legs was no longer sensitive to touch. So I’m winning the battle somewhat. When I started the Lyrica again it was really unusual that I could feel the nerves that were affected were kind of electrified- bizarre. Now settled down. I’m so thankful for some relief. But I’m desperate for a real nights sleep… so maybe the idea is to lower Lyrica to 50mg and add Amitryptiline. Thank you for the advice. Regards Sharyn

Hi everyone, fairly new here. I wanted to share my experience with Lyrica. I hope that’s alright…I have a dual disgnosis of EM and CRPS. I take opiates as they have been the most effective in reducing my pain levels. I started on Lyrica last week 150mg once a day. Much to my surprise there has been some positive affected parts have lost their hot, red color and are now in the cooler tones. My joint pain is signifigantly improved but my swelling is up. Some pain is gone and the quality of the pain has changed. It doesn’t take me 1-3 hours to be able to get out of bed. Lots of energy too. Unfortunatley it has not reduced the excruciating pain ag night. For me it’s given me a bit more quality to my life,which in turn helps with the sadness but it is not effective enough to replace the opiates I hope this is of use to some one.

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I forgot to add that I received no benefits from the Amittriplyline.