Mads find reveals another reason Aspirin works!

Just had a quick read of one of the best articles on skin perfusion and thermoregulatory responses of circulation. This fantastic find was posted by Mads in the section on menopause however has information important to all - Please take a look as Mads has unearthed another gem. Bits on female hormones interesting BUT contains so MUCH MORE!The role of Poor skin perfusion and responses of sympathetic system are important for all. I will study it more closely but it appears to reinforce what I have read elsewhere about uneven blood flow in skin being a trigger for vasodilation - consider the more badly effected EM patients who struggle with EM and Reynauds. Also implicates nitric oxide ( found in many foods0)as a part of vasodilator reaction. Got me thinking ,do we focus too much on vasodilation rather than uneven skin perfusion ? Or the more we reduce vasodilation the better? Thank you Mads I will study this in detail and urge others to examine it.

Alina ,it seems bradykinin is now not thought to play a rollin active cutaneous vasodilation; however nitric oxide is .
Thank you so much for this find, Mads

Hey thanks miss Tizzy on repostng this gem. I have alot more on this which ill post tomorrow.

Uneven skin perfusion is one of my 'working' research hypotheses . Raynaulds thus logical coexisting factor n'est pas. Be great to discuss nitric acid theory with you . With everyone ;). Ill get this topic going with some research i have.

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mads x

Thank you Mads and Tizzy.

Tizzy how about this ;)

According to the shunt hypothesis, substances that alter skin blood flow distribution or improve hemorheological properties of the blood may improve skin oxygenation and induce relief from EM. - prostaglandin ie use of calcuim channel blockers iloprost - mistprostol,

Prostaglanins(could be classified as hormones) - implicated immune system - regulate infection

Heat alergy/intolerance hypothesis + Alpha-adrenergic -histamine antagonist cyproheptadine , loratadine etc....

Add it to another hypothesis the hyperexcitability and spontaneous action potential firing in peripheral sensory neurons hypothesis (channelopathy) mediated by voltage-gated sodium channels (Anaesthetic agents - amines).

Its never ending. They just dont know!

In other words syndrome - polypharmacy - trial/error - whatever works for you , and sharing our experiences.

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mads x

I can’t seem to find you on this site any longer. How can I reach you?

Myself and the old team ( Helen, Alina) all left quite a few years ago. I set up my own non profit erythromelalgia warriors. You have the website and email. I’ll email you OK x

yes please do send it to me!!

I’d love to read the article but no longer available. Could you send it to me please