Medical specialist in Netherlands or Belgium?

Hello All,

Is there anyone here on the forum that lives in Netherlands or Belgium and has experience with finding good doctors that can help you treating EM and analyzing the cause?

I have been on this road for the last 4 months now and really struggling to find a good neurologist or any other medical specialist that can help me. Have had loads of conversations and blood test etc, but nothing has come clear yet to find the cause.
My hospital in Breda has forwarded me to a SFN centre in the south of Holland, but there is a waiting list of 12 months and it is really to long…

Next week I am visiting an internist in VuMC Amsterdam which I have found myself on the internet, so hopefully he can help me. But if not, I don’t have many options left more.

Therefore really desperate to find alternatives elsewhere and wondering if someone here on the forum has the experience and could share some contact details that maybe could help me find my solution.

Many thanks