Mirtazapine for EM?

Hello, I hope that you are as well as possible.

Has anyone found mirtazapine to be helpful for EM sysmptoms?
Duloxetine minimized EM symptoms but the side effects were terrible to me. Nortriptyline did not help EM symptoms at all.

Thank you.

I am clearly way too wrapped up in animal rescue. I am familiar with mirtazapine as a treatment for nausea in cats and had no idea that it was an antidepressant. Hopefully it will help you out.

Sharon from ModSupport

Hi Sharon : ) I took Mirtazapine in the past for loss of appetite, just like your rescued cats. While I was on it, EM sysmptoms were much less severe than what is usual for me. I do not know if this was a coincidence or if the mirtazapine is what caused the improvement.

That’s really interesting. Is this something that you can stay on for a stretch of time to see how your symptoms respond over time?