Muscle Burning sensation? Anyone else

Sometimes I get a muscle burning sensation in my upper arms. It's often at the same time my hands turn red. The sensation is as if I have done a strenuous work out, when in fact I haven't worked out at all. This seems odd, so I'm not sure if it's something to do with EM or if it is something completely different. does anyone else experience this?


Hi cowboy. I get EM in my arms but it feels like typical EM in that the burning is more in the skin and not so much the muscles. Are you still getting these? I would guess it is related because it happens at the same time your hands flare. That is how I discovered I have EM in my eyes! My eyes turn red and burn but only when my face also flares and it goes away when my face does with cooling. Did you try cooling your arm and see if that helped?

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I do get this but have other medical issues that I put it down to. This pain doesn’t coincide with my em burning tho so have reason to believe it’s the ms not em.! I would def talk to your drs about it tho and see if they can come up with anything.!

I get the intense muscle pain in my legs as well. I am not sure if it’s attributable to my other health issues but more & more I tend to think it is more related to my ER.

I have severe burning on the soles of my feet and my toes feel like they are exploding. But I feel strange sensations in my lower legs - like somehow my lower legs are attached to my body with wires like a puppet= a marionette. But the burning on the soles of my feet and in my toes is constant and it is 24/7- I am not even sure that it IS EM. It could be that I demyelinated my nerves with the eating disorder over the past 5 years when it got really bad, That's what is so frustrating. I know that with Em no one can diagnose it and with all that I have been through physically there are also weird things that can come with EDs so I am at a total loss - the lack of a real diagnosis is worse that knowing...

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I get burning pain in my arms and sometimes pain in my shins/calves. This is a deep muscular pain . My neuro hypothesizes that this is because so much blood is going to the feet/hands/face during the flares that little blood is getting into the deep muscle tissue.

Tizzy, I use Magnesium also for my EM and I was wondering how much you take, you said a fairly high dose how much is that?

I too have a lot of the same things, the burning in the soles of my feet, the deep muscle pain in the calves, and my shins aching really bad. I also have fibromyalgia, diabetes, stage 3 liver fibrosis, and others. Can anyone advise on how much magnesium would be safe to take or if I should even take it?


My doctor (PC) pretty much told me the same thing yesterday. She said if I want to maintain any kind of quality of life then taking the pain meds, (Lyrica, Cymbalta, Nortryptilene) was the only thing we could do. I brought my A1c down from 9.2 to 5.5 over the past 4 months without half of these drugs and with a better diet and increased excersize. I was so thrilled, but I have also been in a lot more pain, so I gave into her and went back on the Cymbalta and the nortryptilene, I never stopped the Lyrica, I made that mistake before. She is also sending me to a neurologist now for the pain, redness, swelling and the burning sensation in my feet and hands. I hope I can get some answers from him. I took advice from supporters on here and took pictures of my hands and feet when I was flaring to show him, so maybe I will learn something.


I love your advice about the concoction you use to soak in a bath with, I know just Epsom salts help with muscle pain. Can you get different oils or is lavender the only one? I also didn't know about the magnesium oil, I will have to ask my gastroenterologist about using it. Thanks for the advice.

I've been having so much trouble with this very thing, that I now have an appt at Mayo in Rochester to see a neuro-muscular specialist to make sure it's not something else. Very painful. At the times it's worse, I also feel so weak in the legs, that I sometimes get the sensation I'm just going to collapse and randomly fall down. I'll be like out to eat, and I push my chair out to get up, and I have to brace myself to let my arm strength help steady and lift me up. It's un-nerving!! I feel like it's something else. But who knows the extent of this condition?

Thank you for replying, I take 400 mg Magnesium Glycinate every morning, sometimes another 400 in the afternoon when I remember. I have heard about the Epsom salt and lavender oil but I have not tried it yet. I need to go out and find where to purchase the lavender oil. I use almond oil on my skin after every shower, but I did not know they made a magnesium oil I will have to look for that also.

I do have another question for those women over 50 with EM. I am 54 and have hot flashes along with EM, ugh, not fun. But lately my face also gets really hot when I think I am having a hot flash, could this be the EM? I hear people have EM in their face sometimes. I just bought this cooling towel I found through publishers clearing house, it helps to keep me cool. I live in Corona CA. and it has been up to 106 degrees, its killing me, but thankfully it is starting to cool off. I too have to be in air conditioning or when it is cool outside at night I have to have a window open and a fan on me. My poor husband is always cold, and he says when are these doctors going to do something for you? It is hard for him to understand what I am going through.