My EM Controlled

I would like to share my story to give some hope to others.My EM came on suddenly in 2006 at the age of 43 in both hands and feet and was so severe I could not leave home and no longer work.I was like most I sought help from Doctors from everywhere including Mayo,Vanderbilt and Ut to no avail.All I got from them was never seen anything like it and all they wanted to do was give pain meds that I refused.I started doing my own research and found that many had found good results by using Gabapentin and Cybalta so I found a Dr that would actually listen to me so we started with this.I take 60 mg Cymbalta and was started on 600mg Gabapentin twice a day but now down to once a day.I now have my life back completely with very little symptoms.I still wear sandals when it is hot outside and going to be on feet all day to keep the flares at bay.But make sure you use Lilly Cymbalta due to some of the off brands not working as I found out the hard way.Just dont give up hope and keep the faith in Jesus and you will make it.