Nerve block

I just returned from an appointment where I was diagnosed with Erythromelalgia. The doctor hadn't heard of it but read on the EMG report that the neurologists thinks this may be what is wrong. After reading this, she googled the condition and read a case study where someone was helped by a sympathetic nerve block. I am now being referred to a pain clinic for this nerve block (it will be a while...waiting lists are very long). I am feeling a little unsure of this. Is this a typical first stab at treatment? It seems a little invasive to me. Also, If I have already been given a diagnosis by this internal medicine doctor (which came from a suggestion by a neurologist), is there still value in asking for a referral to someone who has seen this condition before? Will they just try the same things that any doctor can read about online?

i underwent sympatectomy surgery. read my posts in the discussions and my story to get more info. it can help you 100% or it can make it worse. you dont get any guarantees before. i was the lucky one.

No one has ever recommended a nerve block to me. I'm just guessing, but I don't think this is the 1st Go-To treament! There are lots of other things to try first. Some people do well on meds, others on supplements and diet changes, (ask group here for details). I find acupuncture helps me too.

Get more information and talk to a Dr. who treats people, not reads about it online, before you make any drastic decisions!!

Yes, it is worthwhile to see someone who knows about EM!!!

I would def ask for a referral and I'm not a dr but I do think this an invasive first step. There are various meds that can be tried first. Medications for EM is a constant game of trail and error. I have found that I can't cope with many of the meds that work for me but there are loads of people out there who are succesfully treated. Ask to see a specialist. I would like to think that the pain clinic would exhaust other options before settling on a nerve block. Make sure you do as much research you can about other treatments etc before going to pain clinic.!