Nerve pain

does anyone have nerve pain in their feet, with the burning and redness?

Yes, I do. Sharp, sharp pains in my toes and tops of my feet, as well as my ankles.

Yes, I do.

Both of my big toes get red and swollen, mostly in the evening. Bottoms of the feet are burning and quite often I have feeling of painful scratching inside of my big toes.

YES, all the time.........

yes my feet burn and hurt most of the time.

I can see I am not alone having these symptoms…I am going for Microvas treatments so I had 4 days of no flare up…but today the nerve pain started…I hope I don’t get a flareup

yes i do feet burn and hurt all the time no matter what i do

I'm in excruciating pain right now. God please make this pain stop I 'm past the crying for tonight. I feel like I could cut my legs off. Does any one else hurt this bad? I gotta get this pain to go away. My kidneys hurt down in my legs and feet. I 'm burning up and the pain pill is not kicking in. I guess I'll crawl into bed and toss all night!. If any one has any suggestions I could use help for the pain. I don't wish this pain on any one! I'm trying to stay strong but the pain. I walked today and was on my feet a bit too much. I thought I could go to the store and push the cart. Why do I put my self in this predictament.?

I had nerve damage to my sensory nerves before Em… And recently the nerve damage has got worse, the nerve in my feet/hands isn’t responding at all and now because this stupid condition I’m wheelchair bound for life, can’t walk nor stand, plus reaaaal bad EM to cop with aswell and extreme swelling up to 3x normal size of legs, Im constant EM sadly. I get (when feet burning and in pain) sharp pulses through my feet which makes me jump and squeeze anything I can!! Can last about 20mins.

Yes, I get terrible nerve pain, with burning, all the time now. It's probably damage from the ice I had to use when the doctors suddenly stopped my pain relief (which was actually helping!) with only a few days warning. Their reasons were that I must be a drug addict (because they didn't know much about EM and had only seen a patient with really mild EM who had "warmth" and "tingly itching"). Another reason was that they were worried about damage to the muscle from the injections, questioning whether it was ethical to give them because of it. I told them if they suddenly stopped the injections, that I would have to use ice, they left me with no choice, but they didn't care. Now that my foot is badly damaged and painful from the ice, way more than the worst damage the injections could cause, I don't have doctors jumping up and down and saying that they have to do something and questioning whether it is ethical.

The problem is that doctors do not understand the amount of pain we are in, my own

brother is a doctor and told me the pain was all in my head...I wanted to smack him in

the mother would see how red my foot got, and then finally my brother believed

it..I go to a holistic foot doctor who has put me on supplements for my adrenal, my serotonin

which was very low, after 10 doctors he was the only one who told me I have EM, I have seen

some decrease in my redness with the Microvas treatments, but the day after the treatments the

pain is an 11 today is one of those days, I use to use ice also, now I know why I have nerve pain

Yes, and last year was the worst since 1999! But now my EM is at it's best and it is such a huge relief. Hope it lasts.

What helped: Metanx (or OTC dietary Vit-B 6 & B-12 and Folate), better arch support (leather Birkenstock's Gizeh sandals w/cork footbed), Mast Cell Activation treatment (zantac & Zyrtec 2Xday and oral Cromolyn Sodium), stopped omega oil supplements, stopped Savella (for Fibromyalgia), started a compounded pain lotion in AM (gabapentin, cyclobenzaprine, lidocaine, ketoprofen, Baclofen) and identified more of my food triggers so I could avoid. I also completely stopped walking barefoot. and found out what chemicals I'm allergic to and completely rid my house of them. Also increased my Magnesium supplements a little.

Diagnoses added to my EM in the past year were: Bilateral Peroneal Peripheral Neuropathy, Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Type IV hypersensitivities (to certain chemicals), mast cell activation syndrome, Heritable Disorder of Connective Tissue NOS. I've had the symptoms of those disorders since childhood, they just hadn't been diagnosed previously. Some were subtle until last year or didn't occur often (episodic symptoms).

I’ve had nerve pain. What has helped me 1. Using Topricin lotion three times a day. Only used to use it before bed. 2. Increase my Norpramin from 20mg to 25mg. I’ve been on it for a long time for another problem. 3. Going on a wheat free diet, only been 9 days. Read “Wheat Belly” by William Davis MD, he is a cardiologist. He has a blog, you can google it. I love carbs but I’m doing well on this diet and my feet aren’t as red.
I buy my Topricin on line, whoever has it the cheapest. The Norpramin is a tric. Antidepressant for pain. The book talks about helping people with neuropathy and arthritis which I have in my feet.