Pain psychology, ACT and Mindfullness

Hi all,

I just wanted to share some positivity with you after a year long battle with my health. I suffer from Fibromyalgia as well as EM and about a year ago things took a turn for the worse. I was in such chronic pain that I was struggling with life. I thought that I might have to give up work at one point and slept at least 14 hours a day but with determination and a lot of stubborness I came through it the other side. I have learnt to pace things to try to keep the severe fatigue at bay and also with the help of a pain psychologist, ACT and mindfullness I have become a more positive person. Yes I am still in pain but the way I think of the pain has changed, it was a long hard process and understand how easy it would be to slip back again so have to work hard to keep my thoughts in check.

I have come off ALL meds, trying it second time round with other 'tools' in the toolbox (ACT, mindfullness, pacing)

After not being able to do anything remotely like exercise for a while I have started to cycle again and have signed up to do a 25 mile charity bike ride next weekend.! I have done 2 training rides and hoping to squeeze another one in before the event. I wouldn't even arrange to go to local shops a few months ago because pain and fatigue was so bad, what a long way I've come.! :)

Good for you Laura! I also tried mindfulness, pacing and so on but have found they sll work much better when not flaring !, LOL :wink:
Please keep us posted on your 25 mile charity ride !! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

What is ACT?

Our Daughter started this today with a pain psychologist , as it looks like the Meds route will be limiting in that She will always have to cope with a degree of pain. Good to see it has positive results.

I hope it brings her some relief, Davipot. I've heard that the more one practices, the more effective it is when it is needed most.