Has anyone tried this? My GP mentioned it last week; he has heard some good things about it. He says it may take a month or so to see good results-700mgx2 daily. Hopefully!!!

Hi LJ - I’m wondering how this supplement is working for you so far. Any negative side effects?

Hi nwgirl; I have been on for almost two weeks with no negative side effects at all. If anything I am feeling a little calmer; no big changes in pain level but it is still hotter than the hinges of #!*% here. My doc did mention that it would not be an overnight fix so I am hopeful. I was there for my weekly Procaine IV and asked about PEA cream; he is on vacation for a week but hope that it could be added to options when he returns. Let me know how you do on it; it does sound interesting.

Thanks so much for the info LJ!

Post if you try it; fingers crossed you get some relief.

Checking in to see if anyone else has tried this; getting good results with pill form and would like to try PEA cream as well but doesn’t seem to be available in the US. Perhaps it is available in other countries? If so; I am very interested. My doc says he can compound if he can’t find it. Thanks all.

Hi LJ - I began taking PEA about a week and a half ago. Same brand and dose as you. I haven’t yet noticed a difference, but I’m hopeful that I will see improvement as time goes by. No negative side effects so far. I’m so glad it’s helping you! Hooray!!

Stay with it!!! It does seem to be the best non-RX way to go for me so far and I am hopeful it will be the same for you. It did seem like nothing happened for several weeks and then I got some much needed energy and felt calmer. Don’t have that jolting “finger in a light socket” feeling waking me up at night and redness in feet and hands isn’t as bad as it had been. Keep me posted; if I find the cream while in France next week I am going to get some; if not I will get my doctor to do a compound.
Good luck and thanks for sharing.