Passing judgement

so yesterday as i was getting in my car parked in the handicap parking at Costco this man parked next to us asks me So you got the good spot did you. Well it didn't click in at first that he was assuming that i didn't need to be there and i was taking the space he needed for is daughter who is in a wheelchair.
after i figured out that he was being rude and passing judgement i have to say i didn't react very nicely. i said some things that i shouldn't have but in the heat of the moment i said that i had as much right to park there so to F off. i know it wasn't nice to say that last part but i get so tired of people passing their judgement because they can't see my disability. i was in severe pain and i wouldn't be parked in the handicap parking if i didn't need it. I'm not there because i am lazy. In hindsight i should have turned it around on him and said....I am sorry for what you have to go through with your daughter, i don't know your story so please don't presume to know mine. ( on a last note they were parked in handicap parking also and had no problem getting out of their car.) I don't like that i let one little comment cause me to lose my center. his anger is his and not mine i don't own it and shame on him for trying to make me. It reminds me of when we were on our cruise last year and some older woman looks at me in my wheelchair with a look of contempt and says to me....I should be so lucky.....Really Really you should be so lucky, because i'm not so lucky as you think lady. I would gladly trade places with you

Hi LovelyNikki , I don't understand the reaction of this man since he was able to park in a parking spot marked for handicapped parking, unless you don't display the sticker for permission to use handicapped parking.

i have two licence plates clearly displaying them.......and we all know what assuming makes us. :)