Carnival Cruise Lines Discrimination?

so there is only one major complaint i have about the cruise ship we were on for our vacation. The fact that when the wheel chair we rented from Miami broke, and we asked the guest services on the ship about renting one from them they wanted $125 plus a $50 deposit. and this was for only 1 and a half days left on the ship. i feel like this is wrong because they are taking advantage of disabled persons. being disabled and needing a wheel chair does not give them a right to take advantage and rip us off. i feel like if the ship has access for disabled persons then they should provide the wheel chairs free, i can see the $50 deposit in case something happens to the chair while you are using it, but $125 dollars for only 1 and a half days is just wrong. i feel like this is discrimination......

What do you all think about this?

I agree with you. That is rediculous! Outrageous to charge you to use a wheeled chair. I am sure you complained to them and hopefully they will make some changes soon. Sometimes they can get away with things because they are not on US soil. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know the specifics but I know it has something to do with being out there at sea.

For the "price of admission" [lol!] any extraneous equipment should be gratis! I've never gone on a cruise - and never will as many events of the past prove WHY, but do you pay extra for sports equipment? Bar stools? Deck chairs? ETC? Then WHY should a disbled passenger be required to pay for a wheel chair?!!!! Especailly when they are only back-up anyway as, obviously, all disabled passengers are arriving w/their own. They should be TOTALLY AVAILABLE - 24/7 in prominent locations OR delivered PRONTO to wherever needed! A tip should be the only monetary expectation - JMHO!

Hearing stories like this makes my case w/family for WHY I NO LONGER TRAVEL!!!! Geez - the very thought of air traval makes me want to hide in the closet and quiver! OH, BUT THERE ARE WHEELCHAIRS PROVIDED AND ATTENDANTS TO PUSH THEM. Hummmmmm! Cruislines need to take a lesson from the airlines! But, I still cannot imagine having to actually try to get through that morass of idiotic complication in a wheelchair and I certainly wouldn't be able to stand in lines/walk thru and while the shoe removal requirement has now been lifted, that process was enough to deter me until now. I give accolades to anyone w/EM who is still trying to travel - that must be a totally selfless act of love for whomever you are going with or to, but I also have polycythemia vera - so my EM is a side dish to that, but none-the-less PAINFUL, so I just stay home. Its better for everyone concerned!!! LOL! AND I am very BLESSSED to be able to make that choice. My daughter is a FA for SW and she cannot understand why I don't just FLY - and its FREE for me. She has nuropathy, however, and is beginning to "get it".....! But, just like some airlines now reserving the first few rows for only people over 12 years of age, I think it is so cumbersome for everyone flying to also have to contend w/some of the really difficult situations that insist on flying OR being flown - ie severely handicapped individuals. My daughter has told me of people that actually have to be tied into the seat and who cannot even enjoy the refreshments OR open the peanuts - so she gladly takes care of them - always. SW is also to be commended for taking extremely good care of ALL their passengers. Again - just my humbe opinion!