Temporary relief

I’m not sure just how bad everyone’s burning is, I’m sure it’s different for everyone. but I found temporary relief in cooling creams and lotions. I tried looking in just the lotion aisle at first, but then I realized they have many different options by the things for athletes and injuries. So I found some cooling cream and I’ve been using it and it does provide a little bit of temporary relief for me without using ice or a fan.

What are the names of the cooling creams?

I got one called mineral ice. but there was at least a dozen different types to choose from.

another way I have found effective on making my skin cold without using ice or cold water is dipping my feet in any temperature water or putting any type of lotion on and then putting my feet in front of a fan. this has a really reallly nice cooling effect.

I use a fan when mine are bad or if at work a paper towel soaked in cold water.!