Tip of the Cap to Hank "Papa" McFadden

Tip of the Cap to my grandfather, Hank "Papa" McFadden, who passed away peacefully last night.

He loved monster trucks and cooking shows. He always wore Vans tennis shoes and let us watch wrestling when we were kids. It was all the chocolate milk we could drink at his house. He would show up to Christmas with a garbage bag full of presents. I would buy him steaks for Christmas every year because he really wasn't supposed to have them, but I knew my Nani would cook them for him if they were a gift from me.

He loved his family and was everything a grandfather should be. I love you Papa.

I'm sure he's glowing right now from your blog! Bless him!

Thanks so much Jane. You made me smile. :)

You have my condolences Scott. He sounds like an amazing man. I am glad you have such sweet memories to keep him with you.

Really appreciate it Alina!

so sorry for your loss. May you draw on those happy memories now and forever for strength.