A tip that's made life easier

I just wanted to tell everybody about something that has helped me hugely over the last 6 or so months. I had got to the point where I wasn't cooking (or eating) most evenings because of the EM, fatigue and pain. I now cook once a week, usually 2 or 3 different meals, 4 portions of each and freeze them individually. I can then eat a decent, healthy homecooked dinner every evening with the push of the microwave button. Because I do different meals every week I end up with a large selection of meals and have some weeks where I don't have to do any cooking because I have built up a good stock.!

Have anybody got any other tips to make running a home easier.?

oh goodness i totally understand!! What i have done is pretty much eat things that are ready to eat and superrrr healthy! some of my staples are nuts and seeds, all kinds, but only raw!! rice cakes, all fruits and vegetables, and anything i find at local foods banks including tons of canned food.

Me too Will, I buy microwave rice, 4 minute pastas etc... I never thought I would have to find loads of different ways to make my life easier.. I used to be a little obsessive about keeping an imaculate home, now I can cope with going to bed without doing the washing up, cleaning, washing etc... It will still be there in the morning.!

use a bed fan, getting better sleep helps to have more energy

I have a free standing fan at the foot of my bed ready if needed melissaanne, it has made the world of difference at night time, I don't need to use it every night though.