Em helped by breadmaker :)

I was having a bad morning and feeling sorry for myself as a result- lets just say that 10am passed and not out of pj’s. I remembered my little used breadmaker and with very little effort threw together bits from pantry to make a sweet cinnamon and pecan bread. The house smells divine and maybe just maybe
I feel a bit better!

I wonder wether others might like to form a group to share cooking tips and importantly quick recipes that don’t take too much standing-we can call it the Cant Stand To Cook Club ! Off to make a group. Tizzy

Thank you for the invite Tizzy. I am joining now! It is a fantastic Idea. That was my yesterday in a nut shell. It took me all day to cook dinner because I couldn't do it all at once so starting in the morning I would chop some veggies. I am in too much pain now and can't stand ...must rest. I go back a couple of hours later and mix up some seasoning and sauces in bowls. Too tired and hurt too bad must rest....... A few hours later I put every thing together and ready for grill/ oven. One more rest should do it! I put everything on but hurt too bad before things can finish cooking it's just too hot in here now so my husband has to finish up while I sit down with no intentions of moving again until tomorrow.

I don't usually cook like this. I usually put in some sort of frozen Entrée. There was just this recipe I wanted to try because it looked so good!!!!! IT was so good!!!!!!! While eating it and it being one of the most delicious things my taste buds have touched I vowed to never make it again. It just hurt too bad and took every thing I had for an entire day just for dinner!

I didn't even have it in me to catch up on my posts here. It was just cook a little lay here in agony until I am just better enough to do a little more Then repeat!

There is a huge need for a group like this. Thank you for starting this tizzy and thank you all for listening to my long story of one evenings meal!

Take care,


Thank you for sharing this! The bread sounds divine!


If you cant stand the HEAT , then stay out of the kitchen ;)