Tryptase always around 18. Someone else?

My tryptase is always around 18. I did have a bownmarrow biopt, but that was negative.
They did that to rule out mastocytose.

Is there someone else with a higher tryptase?
Just curious!

Nobody? Maybe sommige with mcas?

Give it a bit more time for someone to respond it is only a day since you asked the question and people could be on holiday or anything and not yet looked. I see there are only 11 people have looked so that’s not many.

My daughter was just diagnosed with EM and she has had high tryptase levels for the past several years. Without h1 and h2 blockers, she is around 18 also. She also had a bone marrow biopsy and hers was negative also. Her hematologist does say that she has overactive mast cells, most likely Mast Cell Activation Disorder. She takes a lot of antihistamines for a variety of symptoms, and also takes Zantac an h2 blocker. Her reading is about 11 now.

And does it help?
I take zyrtec in high doses but no differences.

U also have high bilirubine. Is That tested?