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Thanks for posting this, jimm!

Thank you jimm. It has a lot of great info but is so sad! Such a little baby. I feel so much for those parents and loved ones of EM children I don't know how they handle it.

I found it interesting the thought of a genetic test that could possibly help direct you in the right direction of meds to try. That would make such a huge difference!

I have seen on various occasions the use of cyproheptadine being helpful for many people but my doctor told me it isn't available in the US. Has anyone ever tried this med and did it help?

Thank you again jimm for sharing.

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I take tramodol, its takes the edge off. For me I have zero issue with it and dont even know Im on it, the one thing I notice and it may or may note be due to tramodol is its hard to get up in the morning. I work from home thankfully, there is no way I could work full time job with this issue. Unlike the usual pain killers like percocet I can function normally.

Thanks Jimm for posting that enciteful paper, We have several older posts on antihistamines if anyone wishes to look them up.

Just quickly, antihistamines are proving helpful for a lot of EM'ers. Personally, I think the histamine hypothesis shows good validiity.Antihistamines suppress the histamine-induced swelling and flare response (vasodilation) I take a 3 stepwise antihistamine therapy myself. If we considered EM as a heat allergy (which it is), then makes sense.Many EM'ers are actually diagnosed initially with chronic urticaria- heat intolerance.

Antihistamines have certainly has helped me with swelling and itching. Pizotifen and Loratadin seem to work best.

Interestingly, been proposed that histamine initially promotes and later inhibits immune responses (Paul, 1984)..

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