Revisiting the antihistamine hypothesis

Hi Guys,

Just wondering how many of us take or have been offered antihistamines.

I take a 3 step wise mixture of prescribed antihistamines ,which tends to ease the itching if nothing else.Before being properly diagnosed I was deemed, like many of us, to have chronic urticaria or heat allergy... which in one one it is . Heat intolerance lol! ........ understatement. I also now have Raynaulds creeping in so cold intolerance too.......... Hmmmmmm where does that leave me?

Here goes- I attach research paper stating antihistamines could prove an additional new line therapy for EM . Adds fuel to the argument that we need a polypharmacy approach to EM.

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337-17521947869AntihistaminesandEM.pdf (2.65 MB)

Great discussion, mads -- thanks for posting!