Antihistamines helpful?

So, this morning I had a sudden allergic episode (sneezing, itchy throat, swelling nasal passages, runny nose) - I still don't know what caused it. So I took a Benadryl. This may be a coincidence, but my toes didn't flare up when I went to run errands this afternoon, and every day up until now they'd flared anytime I went outside for more than a few minutes or did any kind of exercise. Have any of you taken an antihistamine lately?

Please bear in mind that I am not officially diagnosed - I've seen many doctors about my toes and EM is the only possible answer any docs have come up with. Perhaps this new discovery will help me find answers!

I think there is a discussion somewhere else on here or within another discussion that refers to this. If I remember rightly some other members were getting some relief using antihistimines too. It might be worth looking back at past discuassions.!

Thank you, lauraflora! I looked through the discussion titles for something like this and didn't see any - I'll have to read through them all when I have time.