Vibrations, blood churning, blisters

I’ve tried other methods, but while the fan combined with elevation reduces swelling, the actual pain and other unpleasant symptoms (vibrations, blood churning and rushing, and large blisters) won’t go away. I’ve been using protective booties to soak in lukewarm/warm water, and this is what I’ve found to be the most comfortable (I feel the vibrations but not the blood movements as much, and the aching goes away, plus it lets me get used to planting my feet again). In contrast, the only thing I can comfortably do in air is sleep, and even when I have a fan directly on me, I still wake up with warmer feet. Is this water damage? Typical symptoms? Or something else entirely?

Hi Micki, if you type in vibrations, blisters, etc into the search engine on this site you will find lots of information from other EM sufferers, which you can then hopefully apply to your situation.
I wonder how much the whole Covid thing is affecting your anxiety ? I have a friend who has an excellent highly profitable business yet at times is virtually paralysed with anxiety about lockdown, mortgage, family responsibilities etc, so quite understandable to be anxious at this time.
Last night I woke at 4am in a lot of pain with flaring in my feet, but I finally got up the courage to soak them in hot water, which I know is unproven ( but so was penicillin), and I was amazed, it actually worked. (Bobs protocol) I just let the feet cool naturally afterwards, though I did walk on cool tiles, and had some food. I am presently weaning myself off tramadol, down to 25mg, plus I take paracetamol (acetaminophen). and codeine 16mg. I got back to sleep ok. Yesterday I spent an hour or two in a wet suit in the ocean getting tua tua, it was around 13 degrees centigrade.
As a retired pharmacist I have often seen medications resulting in side effects. Sometimes the cure is worse than the complaint. Unfortunately sometimes you just have to try different things and keep your eyes open to what is happening. Write it all in your diary.
Suggest you re read the post from carter about exploring every avenue to see how you can help yourself.
Can’t bear to think of you suffering through the night so hope this has been some help. Praying for you.