Vicks chest rub

Vicks chest rub really works for me

OK Cosy- thats really funny. Wish it worked for me ;)

Hope you having a comfortable day

God bless


I am serious it works you should try it .i am desperate I will try anything

Bless you.

What are you taking Cosy. Have you been diagnosed? You want me to send you some information. Dr's in your area etc.... Different treatments?

Let me know how i can help you

Sorry for laughing - i thought it was funny. But you are right- i have done some strange things to see if worked .

God bless


I have these names for Canada so far,

Kristine Chapman Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Craig Hersh Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Gary Victor Ottawa Ontario Canada

Have attached 2 files for you with information on treatments

Wishing you a 'comfortable' night


328-TEABROCHURE.pdf (130 KB)

Thanks for the info again but these names you gave me are they doctors? Like Gary victor cannot find him nowhere thank