What kind of work do you do with EM?

Since Drew is a teenager we are beginning to talk about possible majors for college, and what kind of work he wants to after college. Does anyone here have a job that has flexibility for when flares come, or that doesn't cause flares often due to stress. Knowing you'll consistently be in a cool environment would help. For a long time Drew wanted to be a popsicle maker. Turns out there's not much need for that. Darn!

drafting, graphic design, thats what i plan on doing, you can sit all day and make quit a bit of money too

with a a/c at his feet

I work with foundation stage children, some of my duties can be tough if having a flare but it is flexible enough that I can sit if need be, walk about if need be etc. I have very supportive colleagues who will just take over if I can't do something eg, when the colder months are here I can't go in the outside area, so somebody else will do my shift out there and I will stay indoors where the temp is stable. I find cooking with them hard because it's alot of standing about in a hot kitchen, if I flare I know I can ask somebody to take over from me.

There are quite a few teachers on here with EM.

I think Drew should think about what talents he has and use that as his strenghts. As he has grown up with EM he will probably know what his limits are and what he will be able to do when the time comes for him to get work. I wish him loads of luck in the future.

My degree was in astrophysics. If you go into research, telescope domes are freezing cold, often on top of mountains. With a good employer, the only times you would HAVE to be at work is when an observing run was booked at a telescope (telescope time is VERY expensive and really hard to get, so you don't miss it). Even then, as I said, an observatory is on the top of a mountain, you'll be sitting in the "warm room" which isn't usually that warm, and if you get a flare, you just step outside. Because of the altitude, the accommodation is usually slightly lower down the mountain, but still somewhere you can keep cool. When you're not at a telescope, you can work in an office with an a-c at your feet.

And if you go up to the lab, get some liquid nitrogen, some cream, sugar and vanilla extract or other forms of flavouring, and stir together. Then pour in the liquid nitrogen, stirring briskly. Instant ice-cream! You could probably make popsicles if you could find moulds that wouldn't crack with the cold of the liquid nitrogen (-320 F). So he could still have that dream too...