What's work for me!

Hello everyone,

a little message to share with you the different things that I do for two weeks, I finally see an improvement in my severe EM:

1- Seignalet Plan or paleo, even if I cook slightly fish (I eat almost no meat.) I feel better, I have more cravings, am less tired and my autoimmune disease is better.

2 - Cream amitriptiline ketamine to the feet 5 times a day at the beginning, 2 times now

3- witch hazel cream several times a day

4 - bromelain daily

5 - Magnesium pidolate 4 times daily (600 mg). Initially for 5 days it got worse my EM, and I was thinking about stopping this, then it started to improve, and it continues.

6 - Every night a cortisone cream on my feet.

7 - Cypress: 3 capsules per day.

I can say I return in life !! To tell you, I was in... Hammam two days ago !!!!! Red and feet tingle, but quickly calm down when leaving.

I walk more, with small crises, but much less strong.

This is wonderful news, Carine. It is good to hear a success story!

Yes, but it is to say that we must try different things, and wait enough time to see if it is working or not. It is for me a little incredible to see that it is better and better over day with this treatment.