Arghhhh....bad timing

So yesterday was our schools Remembrance Day ceremony and right in the middle my feet decide to start flare up, to the point that I have to take off my right shoe. Then I can't get it back on, and really it is also I don't want to.... So there I am going back to my room with my cane, one shoe, and parents staring. My students understood but..... I mean of all the times! I ended up having to keep it off the rest of the day because every time I put on the shoe within 10 minutes my foot would go off. I am so frustrated right now with this. I have this not under control any more and my body has decided fainting whenever it wants to is a good thing so I have to watch for signs of that so I don't fall to the floor at school.

How much crazy can one girl handle.....obviously for me..... LOTS! :)