Clutching at straws again

I came across this and instantly thought scam, has anyone else seen this, I expect it will detail less than the information that can be found on this site.

All I see is Scam scam scam. There is only one person I know of that could preform miracles and it's not theses guys. I would be vary leery of anyone or anything offering a miracle cure for anything. If you could just buy their book and cure yourself this technique would be used by doctors everywhere. I understand your desire to find anything that could help. It is normal to have this type of desperation of sorts. If I could give away all I have to give ( loved ones excluded ) To be healthy again I would do it in a heart beat! We do have to be careful about the sadly many people out there trying to take advantage of people that are desperate because of health issues.

Now if they said here is a book for sale that gives you tips on how to live with neuropathy and ease your symptoms some through life changes ....sure that sounds reasonable but Buy my book and you will be cured is a much different and disturbing offer.

Thank you for posting this. It is good for others to see an example of things to watch out for so they don't get taken advantage of.

Take care,


I have to agree. I looked at lots of weirdly phrased websites advertising this and I don’t doubt it is a scam. Where there are people in distress, desperate particularly to help members of their family, there will be scammers trying to take advantage:(